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Classes & Workshops

Junior Hero Improv 101  *for grown-ups 7-10 

Mission: Project Los Angeles

Taught by Silverlake's very own kid-whisperer Elisa Bocanegra!


Parents and kids watch out! Elisa a.k.a. The funny teacher from the Silverlake Skunks class at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music is back in LA and teaching with a vengeance! Her first mission...to turn your kid into a comic genius. With the help of her faithful improv-goddess of a teaching assistant Kat and hosted by neighborhood mom extra-ordinaire, Jacqui Biery, Elisa offers this fun course where your kid will learn Comedy Improv and Stand-up Comedy. Yes!


Junior Hero Improv 101, Mission: Project Los Angeles focuses on comedy based on real kid-life in Los Angeles. Using current events in LA and real life situations, kids will focus on the basics of comedy including long-form improv, writing their own mini one-person comedy monologues and ensemble building. There will be a final performance for parents and friends!


Voice, Body and the Great Playwright 

Taught by Sayda Trujillo


Renown performer and vocal coach Sayda Trujillo teaches this

voice/body intensive, connecting the power of the natural

instrument to the works of great writers. Not to be missed!


This intensive voice/body workshop will give each student tools to be able to gain an awareness of what's happening to their body as an instrument and therefore make choices appropriate to the material.  This workshop is beneficial for performers of all disciplines, artist educators and writers alike.  Ideal for those curious about exploring and connecting to the power of their voice.