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Our Mentorship Program

Every year HERO Theatre selects a small group of actors to be part of our Mentorship Program.  Unlike traditional internships, we offer young actors the chance to train with our seasoned company members who carefully guide them in all aspects of their career choices.  In exchange, Mentorship Program participants work in different areas of our production development.  To be considered for this program please send a letter of interest to contactherotheatre@gmail.com

Voice, Body and the Great Playwright

Classes & Workshops

Taught by Sayda Trujillo

August 23 & 30th, 10am-3pm


Renown performer and vocal coach Sayda Trujillo teaches this voice/ body intensive, connecting the power of the natural instrument to the works of great writers including Chekhov and Tennessee Williams.  Not to be missed!


This intensive voice/body workshop will give each student tools to be able to gain an awareness of what's happening to their body as an instrument and therefore make choices appropriate to the material.  This workshop is beneficial for performers of all disciplines, artist educators and writers alike.  Ideal for those curious about exploring and connecting to the power of their voice.  


Breath and Anatomy

Incorporating various methods including Linklater, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, and Roy Hart methods-- Ms. Trujillo will guide participants to fully explore their physical voice.  Students learn about their anatomy through practical exercises involving focus on breath and alignment through individual, partner, and group exercises.  Connecting the breath through listening, mindfulness and patience.  Special attention will be paid to our skeletal structure, organs and passive muscles that play a major role in the breathing process.  


Body as container of sound

Explore effortless sound that is grounded deep within a relaxed, open and present body.  We will build by exploring vibration and resonance in the whole body, from the feet to the top of the head.


The Great Texts

Apply techniques explored in the workshop that integrate breath, body, thought and intention, and holistically focus on how our whole self, body and mind supports and grounds our voice. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the work to some of the greatest writers in theater history.


Cost: $150 per student


To apply, please send your headshot and resume as soon as possible to contactherotheatre@gmail.com


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